GRRZZZ - Dans le sens du poil (2010)

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The new and third album of our favorite crazy duo!! Punk electro music Restless which abandons the highly-rated " noise " of the previous albums with a highly-rated industrialist always present! Texts are incisive and they don't like our small president we would say! Finally, an album 6 titles(securities) which has a big person(main part) Sound, a dress handkerchief which flashe, effects which assure(insure), Grrzzz Full shape which!

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Label [s] : No way asso, Sordide sentimentale, Karaoke 666 , Maloka

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Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. Holiday in Gaza (5'41 - 5.344 Ko)

02. Polizei

03. See me on your TV

04. I want to be a cowboy

05. Martial trader

06. Le sens du poil

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