PETROGRAD PETROGRAD come from Luxemburg. They play punk, pop melodic music. The people do a real propaganda job and they are really sincere and nice people. This benefit LP for the Innsbrück ABC shows that there is really such things as solidarian and active DIY network in Europe.

LP  ( 1000 ex )  Sold out

Label [s] : Active Distribution, Civilization Violenta, Falling Down Records, I want I can Distro, Lullabies, Maloka, Miraflores Discos, Out Of step, Paranoia Records, Pozoin Banaketak, Stonehenge, Ya Basta

Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. Marshmallows and slingshots

02. He calls it freedom

03. October

04. Stain boy

05. Jenga

06. Fuck taoism

07. Trojan

08. 100 aker woods

09. Reminder

10. To climb up a ladder

11. Dissident

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